I'll never speak to Steven again.

Have you ever planted a tree?

Ramneek adopted our idea.

This stool needs to be repaired.

This data is incorrect.

I will be afflicted that I do not know men.


I'd like a nonstop flight to New York.


I'm taking them with me.

Will I get well soon?

People don't like what they can't understand.

I have some things I need to tell you.

Sedat asked Reinhard to help him with his homework.


She buys us shoes.

I think Jon is satisfied.

Have you ever corrected a sentence on Tatoeba?

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Badgers dig deep holes.

I'm wondering how long $100 will carry me.

He drives a pimped-out Cadillac Escalade.


A high proportion of crime in any country is perpetrated by young males in their teens and twenties.

How my poor heart aches!

The teacher works in a high school.

The company was founded in Boston in 2013.

Jun didn't know what Caleb was going to say.

Can you see anything that might be causing the problem?

That sounds exactly like Terri to me.

Let's stop talking about that and change the subject.

You've been paroled.

Jeffery ran up the stairs towards Elric's office.

Ole is the boy on the right.

Mike acted as chairperson of the meeting.

He had the kindness to show me the way.

I refuse to pay more than standard rates.

What is good to do cannot be done too soon.


We had some visitors yesterday.


I'll have a talk with them.

That burger was terrible!

You don't have to stay home.

I'm really glad I came here.

We were a little tired.


I need some of your time.


He doesn't love me.


I like your eyes!

Audrey laughed at Sally's joke.

The professor has office hours every Tuesday afternoon.

Let's see what Jamie wrote.

I'm sure he has other skills.

Jim is not a lawyer but a doctor.

The good old friends will stand by your side.

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Why don't you take this medicine for a few days and let's see if it works?

Clara has added Ti's name to the list.

I noticed she was wearing a new hat.


Clem had a few more things he wanted to say.

He doesn't show any sign of life.

Are you worried about anything in particular?

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The less you spend, the more you save.

Should I go this way, or that way?

Tricia asked me for an opinion.

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What made them so mad?

Jakob doesn't know how tall Johan is.

Srinivasan interpreted what Sekar said into French.


Liber just won't sit down.

He gave an address to the nation on TV.

Can you explain it to me, please?

Reinhard owes me a favor.

He beckoned me to follow him.

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The text isn't divided too well.

Prove me wrong.

He really wants to work as a translator.

What were they drinking?

Both countries are now at peace.

The 100 most common words in English are Anglo-Saxon words.

Don't do a half-baked job.

I haven't heard from Bruno yet.

I'm tired of hearing you call Case an idiot.

Easter is an important Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I reviewed the file.

Are you going to share that?

I'd like to reserve a table for three.

I need your signature here.

I had not realized how important this is to you.

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It was a casual meeting.

She went out without saying good-bye.

Ghosts don't exist, get that through your head.


In that kind of case, it's best to make a trial of drawing up a budget.

She died when she was 54 years old.

It's impossible for the bird to escape from the trap.

Can you tell what it is?

You should've quit when you were ahead.

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I want you to be happy.

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Put the knife back in the drawer.

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How far are we from it?

I'm not your wife anymore. Your wife is Tatoeba!

This legislation constitutes a full-fledged attack on consumer rights.

We went out for some fresh air.

Pieces of broken stained glass were one of the evidences for the crime.

You should have helped him with his work.

I scaled Mt. Fuji three times.

It was a warm, friendly meeting.

You should turn off the mobile phone.

That building is three stories high.

We've seen him.

Are you sure you can manage?

Talent is God-given; be humble. Fame is man-given; be thankful. Conceit is self-given; be careful.

Gordon died trying to save a child from a burning building.

Anderson rejected the demand.

Will this cover the holiday expenses?

I think Griffith conducts the orchestra brilliantly.


You can't stay here.

He lit another cigarette, but immediately put it out.

My brother was so absorbed in reading that he did not notice me when I entered the room.

She rides to the black sabbath.

It's what I like.

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Is my hat on straight?

I'll talk to Arne later about this.

Why do we need him here?

The boy was good at mathematics so everybody considered him a genius.

We'll have breakfast at 6:30.

May I talk to you a minute?

Somebody must've picked it up.

I have to tell him something.

This mountain is covered in snow all-year-round.

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Make sure Murray doesn't do anything stupid.

As a child, I loved picking peaches in my grandfather's garden.

She didn't complain once.


Harris knows Lynnette knows.


I won't be doing that.

Where did Sheila get that?

He believed the superstition that Christians were averse to learning.

I've learned a good deal from you.

He is his teachers' despair.


That policy could change.

Steve spends the most of all the family.

Have you already made friends with her?

He was patiently digging for facts.

It happened very quickly.

We're pleased with our progress.

I didn't realize things were so bad.


I have recovered my health already.


The baby has taken to him.

Everyone is scared.

I hope you don't hold it against me.

Spyros said that he could swim well.

They applauded.

Does anyone have a tissue?

This is getting old.


Holly is the owner of a liquor shop.

"If you're not feeling good today you should stay home" "No, no. I'll be fine."

On a sudden impulse, I returned to my home town.

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No more questions, please.

His lips touched mine.

That was a misinterpretation.

He showed me the camera which he had bought the day before.

I only need two more minutes.


I have to try on this dress.

The shops are for the most part closed at ten o'clock.

We believe that peaceful coexistence of the two different social systems is fully possible.


We have no business relations with the firm.

Elliott wants to come.

I'm almost certain that we can trust Ellen.

I just lay there.

Put the book back in the bookcase.

Sedat didn't say who he'd gone with.

Kees knew that Raj loved John.

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That's an odd question.


How is the family doing?